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RMX address book problem

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RMX address book problem

Hi, I am currently facing an address book problem on the RMX2000.  We have a RPRM provisioning a RMX2000 and it was like that for a while.  Then we un-dusted an older RMX2000 and put that in another network to work together with the existing one.  But the older RMX is not under RPRM provisioning.


The older RMX is version 7.0 and the newer one is version 8.0.  We have used the RMX Manager 7.0 and 8.0 to try to connect to both older and newer RMX's and it connects successfully either way.


Then all of a sudden, the address book of the newer RMX is replaced by the address book of the older RMX, or at least it seems like that way.


So my questions are:


1) Will RPRM provisioning overwrite RMX address books?

2) Does the RMX Manager store address book memory in the software?

3) Is there any way I can recover the lost address book?

4) So if we are going to still use it this way, can we export v.8.0 address books to a v7.0 RMX, vice vesa?


Thank you very much!

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Re: RMX address book problem

I've not seen the address book revert or be replaced excpt via import and export functions. We regullary export. If you do use the RPRM address book you cannot add entries with in the RMX, you will have to add them to the RPRM. Which you then need to make sure your special RMX Operator entries don't show up on all the endpoints...this means no more GAB and you have to use the LDAP RPRM Addressbook which is very cumersome to manage. 

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