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RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video


RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Hi All, I have an issue where some particular Lync clients will not send video to the RMX, RMX displays "video sync error". The Lync clients have no problem doing a Lync-Lync video call, they also have no problem doing a Lync to HDX point to point call.


In the RMX scenario, the Lync client receives video OK and sends and receives audio OK, just will not send video.


This issue is totally reproducable, and seems to effect certain PCs and I suspect it's a PC issue, the problem is it has no video problems in single point calls as described above, so it's difficult to totally blame the PC.


I am currently playing around with call speeds and resolution to see if I can get a scenario where the Lync client will send video to the RMX, but to no avail.


There are no firewalls in the way, this is all on the private network. The RMX is on the latest 7.8 build.


Has anyone seen this issue before? I am currently gathering logs with the intention of logging this with Polycom Support, but I thought I would run it by the forum first.


Any ideas/help appreciated



Andy P



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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Hello andypolls,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

What are your SETUP => Video/Voice Port Configuration settings?


Automatic or manual Port allocation.


Check the end point details when dialed into the conference as they may send 720P or similar.

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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Hi Steffen, there are no voice ports, this is a video-only system, video ports are automatic.


HDX CAN send 720p in Lync/HDX/RMX conference, this is normal.


Lync clients send VGA in RMX conference, this is also normal


Just one or two Lync clients sending NO video






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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video



Have you checked the SW version of the ones that arent working compared to the ones that are working? 


Also, I would maybe make sure you do not have any other SW running on the non working clients that might interfer with the video. Such as jabber, skype or any other SW that might use the web camera. Make sure you completely exit out of the SW. 


Last, are the non working clients on a Mac computer? I believe depending on version there is some limitations with Mac.


I suspect that it might be that there is other SW wanting to use the web camera as well.


Please let us know if you come to a resolution. 



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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Hi Ryan, thanks for the response.


I didn't realise there were different software versions of the Lync client, is that what you mean?


Also, since these clients can make point to point video calls to Polycom/Lync, I would assume that if some other app was hogging the web cam this would be the case for the point to point video calls also.


I'm working on the theory this is a PC issue, but what the issue is I'm no closer to finding.


PS. All Windows PCs, no MACs.




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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Andy, curious if you nailed down your issue yet?   I had this EXACT same issue immediately after upgrading 7.7 code to 7.8.  As soon as I went back to 7.7 the problem disappeared immediately.


Scenario: After upgrading to 7.8, two or three of my users Lync clients would NOT send video into the bridge room.  If I remember correctly, audio seem to be unaffected.  Lync-to-Lync calls worked perfectly. 


I re-installed video drivers, webcam drivers, chipset drivers, and ensured that the problematic Lync client version matched the version of the working client.  All versions were the latest -- all Windows.


This was on Lync 2010 environment and this problem caused us to roll back to 7.7 as its been the only stable release for us :(

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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

HI, no didn;t resolve it, put it down to a PC problem

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Re: RMX and Lync - some Lync clients NOT sending video

Facing this issue again, after technical support asked me to upgrade to the latest code.


Seems to be the same PCs that had the issues before.  Very frustrating.  Having technical support work on 1-366195835

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