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RMX audio and video quality

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RMX audio and video quality



i'm seeing something strange here.  Point to point connection from a system in Brazil (connected to the internet) to one in Europe (connected to internal network).  Quality is not 100% (seeing some % transmit loss).  Very minor artefacts and audio issues.

However, when doing the same thing to an internal RMX system in Europe (located at same site), quality degrades that much (artefacts, stuttering audio) that it's not possible to keep a videoconf.  Seeing some more % transmit loss (sometimes even 60% loss).

Now the entry point (ip address) in Europe is the same for both.  And there's no internal routing issue.  Actually the internal HDX is one firewall further down the road then the RMX.  I'm seeing the same bandwidth for both connections (512 kbps) in the VBP activity logs.

Doing tests with systems in Europe only, i cannot reproduce the issue (0% packets loss).

So i'm confused that quality is so much worse in the setup using an RMX?  Others have seen the same thing?

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Re: RMX audio and video quality

you are having deployment of firewall traversal solution in your company or you have done NAT with your RMX for internet calling





Yash Pal 

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