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RMX manager address book issue

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RMX manager address book issue

Hi there,


We face a weird issue with the RMX Manager 8.4.1  We have multiple RMX (2 are 8.3 and higher and 2 are 7.8).


The address book started to act funky as participants are disapearing from it. This happened on a 7.8 RMX so we re-imported the address book EMA file from the other 8.4.1 and got all the entries back but then it kept on going the address book does not conatin the same amount of entries.


We also notice that an entry will appear in the address book but when creating a reservation it won't find the entry in the search box.


has anyone experienced that issue ? anyone can think of a solution ?




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Re: RMX manager address book issue

Have you checked logs of rmx?what it says?


Sounds like bug in particular issue.Go through with release note of same.




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Re: RMX manager address book issue



This is not a good idea to control RMX ver 7.x with a Manager ver. 8.x. Version mismatch can lead to unpredicted results.

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