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RMX manager for Apple Mac

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RMX manager for Apple Mac

Hi there,


I am probably not the only one using Apple computers to work on Videoconference Polycom infrastructure and one thing who bothers me is to be slaved to a Windows pc to run RMX manager or acces them through I.E. web Gui. 


We can already access the rest of the Infrastructure (DMA, CMA, RPRM, VBP etc...) why not make a based software like the RMX MANAGER for MAC ? 


I know the easy and quick answer is get VMWARE or another computer running WINDOWS but having the ability to run everything on 1 Machine is for me the best way in order to be able to acces and manage the bridge anywhere you are. 


Bridge management is limited on CMA and RPRM so this is not the right answer too PLCM. 





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