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RMX sdk jar

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RMX sdk jar

Just curious if anyone has built the XSDs into a jar file and wouldnt mind sharing


Im in the process and will share when Im done but figured if anyone had it already it might save me some time

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Re: RMX sdk jar

in the end our jar has our namespace so i cannot share it

but the steps arent to hard


first install eclipse and ensure its version and the jdk you are pointing to are fairly new such as what i have:

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Neon Release (4.6.0)


pointing to (preferences > java > installed JRE):



Create a new java project.  Usually resources is not on the build path so make sure to add it

copy/paste all xsd files to the resources directory

refresh view in eclipse and make sure it shows the list of xsd's in the resource folder


now you can right click any one of them and go to Generate >JAXB classes

youll need to select a project and give a namespace but thats about it, click finish and it will create a jAXB annotated java class for ya.


FYI there are other (better) ways, including an xjc maven tast/plugin.  but i couldnt get the other methods to work so idk what to say.  other then right clicking and going to generate kinda sucks for 150 some odd files.

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