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Real Connect Audio Issue

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Real Connect Audio Issue

Hello - We are having an issue with audio between Skype Room Systems and our Polycom VC rooms (Group 700).  We have a full Polycom implementation (RPRM, RPAD, DMA, RMX2000, CCS) and are running Real Connect to bridge our Polycom Endpoints with the S4B side.  Almost everything is working perfectly.  The only real issue we have is audio levels between Skype and Polycom endpoints.


Everything on the Polycom side seems fine.  Audio between Polycom rooms is good, and audio coming from Skype sounds ok in a Polycom room.  However, any audio going to the Skype rooms from Polycom is very soft.  Skype to Skype rooms sound fine to each other.


Now, we can boost the speakers in the Skype rooms and get a good level from Polycom rooms.  The only issue is then the Skype rooms in the conference are extreamly loud to each other.  So Skype to Skype the volume is, well, deafaningly loud.


Has anyone experianced similar?



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Re: Real Connect Audio Issue



Yes, this is a common issue.


Increase the Volume for the AVMCU Participant

By the default, the Broadcasting and Listening Volume is set to 5 decibels. The audio level from the Microsoft side is higher. This represents low audio for the participants on Microsoft side.


Add the following system flag to the RMX to increase the volume.



Default: 5

Range: 8-10



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