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RealConnect Configuration


RealConnect Configuration



Does anyone have detailed configuration steps for RealConnect. I've found this guide which shows quite a lot however I cannot get this to work.



What I've done so far...

1. Lync dial-in conferencing is already configured and every users have their own conference ID

2. The DMA Domain is configured as our AD domain, for example -

- Our Lync servers are on the domain

- We also have two SIP domains, call it (primary) and (additional)


3. We have our internal NTP time server, both are configured the same on the DMA and Lync

4. On the DMA, I've configured a External SIP Peer for Lync as follows;

- Enabled (Yes)

- Name / Description....

- Type - Microsoft

- Next Hop - Our Lync Pool. We run Enterprise Edition so this is for example -

- Destination -

- Port - 5061

- Nothing else is configured on this tab...


Under the Lync Intergration tab...

- Maximum Polycom Conferences to Publish - 25000

- Enable Combined RealPresence Lync Conferences - Enabled

- Lync URI - Account created in Lync and enabled for PC-to-PC only



5. I've created a new Dial Rule for 'Dial by Lync conference ID'

- Action - Resolve to Lync Conference ID

- Enabled - Yes

- Conference Template - Created a test template

- MCU Pool - Pointing at an RMX on v8.4

- Selected SIP Peer - The Lync peer created above




My problem is when I dial my Lync ID on an Group endpoint, it hits the DMA and is logged as 'UNRESOLVABLE'. 

1. How does the DMA know what to do with the Lync ID?

2. Do I need to setup prefixs? If so how is this managed, as the Lync ID can be anything...

3. When I do setup a test prefix for say... 3. I dial my Lync ID and it routes to a Lync server (I can see this in the CDR logs)... but shouldn't this hit the RMX??

4. When I run through 'Test Dial Rules', under the Dial Rules on my Lync ID, all rules I've created are being rejected.



Any information would be very helpful as per usual very little infomation on the specifics, unless I'm missing a document somewhere...








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Re: RealConnect Configuration

Hi Tifosa,


Did you upload all certificates needed on your DMA? It looks like the Lync FE don't trust your DMA.


Is the registration between RMX and Lync works fine?


You don't need prefix for the RealConnect configuration.


If it can help I have just openned a blog about this configaration.





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Re: RealConnect Configuration

Hi Thomas,


Many thanks for your help, your screenshots picked up on a couple of things missed however it still fails for us.


I think the issue is more to do with the DMA than the RMX, as when an endpoint dials a Lync conf ID the DMA is unable to resolve it. In the CDR logs it says UNRESOLVABLE_ADDRESS.


It's worth mentioning our existing setup as maybe that is causing a problem somewhere...


We've had Lync 2013 integration for a while now, along with PCO. Our Lync clients can join a VMR by typing in the (or by clicking on a pre-setup link in the invite). However currently we have two invites, one for Lync and another for VC. We would like to remove the PCO addin, and simply use the Lync invite in the long term.


I'm confident the certificates are correct, as Lync can already join a VMR. The only point I would make is in our setup we have the certificates in the 'Personal Certificates' rather than 'Trusted Certificates' on the RMX.


On the RMX, it is configured for 'H323 & SIP'. H323 is registerd to the DMA, while SIP is registered to the Lync servers. We also have SIP Authentication enabled and configured with an account EV enabled within Lync


On the DMA under the MCU configuration, it shows H323 as 'Active', while SIP is 'Inactive' - so from this I gather it's registered to Lync rather than the DMA.



How does the DMA know when a Lync conference ID is dialled? How does it differentiate between an endpoint dialling a VMR (registered on the DMA) and a Conference ID on Lync?


Does it need any preliminary settings configured?


On your blog you show a screenshot  'You can now create your lync meeting room which will be registered to the Lync server.'

You show it as 'Registered', I can't see where I see this?




Thanks for your help...


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Re: RealConnect Configuration

DMA uses a Lync enbaled accout  ("polycom-services"  in the Polycom offcial doc)  and the dialed conférence number to "see" if the conférence exist on the Lync server side. 

I have the feeling your DMA is not trusted by the lync server. 


you can validate this by doing the following: 

Create a rule to an external SIP Peer (with your Lync server as the selected peer) and try to dial with your group series a lync user. 


This has to work if trust application and certifcates are set up corectly.. 

 check also the DMA  certificate.. 


I hope it will be helpful !



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Polycom Employee

Re: RealConnect Configuration

Thomas is right about the DMA not being trusted. However, the group series will not connect if you try to call the Lync 2013 client. This is because their is no common codec available. In order for the group series to send RTV, it needs to be registered to the Lync servers directly.


There is a procedure within DMA that checks with the Lync server you provided in the SIp Peer to see if the ync AV/MCU knows about the Lync Meeting number. If this comes back as true, then the DMA creates the conference on the RMX and tells the RMX to dial out to the Lync AV/MCU.


I am not sure if you already said theis or not, but can you Lync client dial into the DMA VMR?



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Polycom Employee

Re: RealConnect Configuration

when I click the "Meeting Now"button with lync client, I can't find the conference ID in the "Meeting Entry Info".where can  I make it available?

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Polycom Employee

Re: RealConnect Configuration

Hubert, Click on the elcipse (...) on the bottome right. This will bring up a context menu. Select Meeting Entry Info. I have attached an image of what mine looks like. S.
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