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RealConnect - "AV_MCU_Party" stays connected for 1 hour 33 minutes (everytime)


RealConnect - "AV_MCU_Party" stays connected for 1 hour 33 minutes (everytime)



We have RealConnect configured and working however while testing from various endpoints we see the AV_MCU_Party call on the RMX stay connected.


After a number of tests, they the call automaticallty disconnects around the 1h 33 minutes time

Call duration;

- 1:32:23

- 1:32:50

- 1:33:07

- 1:33:45 etc...


From looking at the logs on the RMX I can see this;

D:20/04/15-15:31:57.784659 E:Mcms P:ConfParty SID:59998944 TN:CParty_#b4efab9 O:CSipPartyOutCreate L:n ConfID:36 PartyID:154 Lctn:SIPParty.cpp(669)

CSipParty::TellConfOnDisconnecting - ConfName:dmalync-3067451_-910720307_1bef71b8, PartyName:AV_MCU_Party, DisconnectCause:257


D:20/04/15-15:31:57.785185 E:Mcms P:ConfParty SID:58855568 TN:CConf_#b53ffb9 O:CSipDelPartyCntl L:n ConfID:36 PartyID:154 Lctn:SIPPartyControlDelete.cpp(167)
CSipDelPartyCntl::Disconnect: Cause 257 mode 0 name - ConfName:dmalync-3067451_-910720307_1bef71b8, PartyName:AV_MCU_Party


D:20/04/15-15:31:57.785202 E:Mcms P:ConfParty SID:58855568 TN:CConf_#b53ffb9 O:CSipDelPartyCntl L:e ConfID:36 PartyID:154 Lctn:SIPPartyControlDelete.cpp(255)
CSipDelPartyCntl::DisconnectParty : Name - ConfName:dmalync-3067451_-910720307_1bef71b8, PartyName:AV_MCU_Party




I can provide the full log in required...

Does anyone know what DisconnectCause:257 is???


We are running;

DMA 6.2 (Supernode)

RMX 8.5.2




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Re: RealConnect - "AV_MCU_Party" stays connected for 1 hour 33 minutes (everytime)


Did you solve this problem? I´m having this experience. But its take 40s to 60 seg connected.



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Re: RealConnect - "AV_MCU_Party" stays connected for 1 hour 33 minutes (everytime)

We had this issue as well. What we found is, If there is not an autenticated user on the Lync side of the call then lync will disconected the call after a configurable time (by default 90 min) and the AVMCU will drop from the RMX. This is a feature in Lync to automaticly disconnect unattended meetings and although the RMX will be a trusted application in Lync it is not an autenticated user.


As a work around we increesed the disconect time to 240min hoping we would not have a VC with Lync dial in greater than 4 hours.

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