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Realconnect Firewall ports

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Realconnect Firewall ports



i need some help please. I want to create a flow matrix for a realconnect configuration but i can't find a list of firewall ports. Can someone provide me the exact list of ports we have to open for realconnect.


My list is correct or not ?


Lync FE -> DMA TCP 5061

Lync FE -> RMX TCP 5061

DMA -> Lync FE TCP 5061

RMX -> Lync FE TCP 5061


Lync FE -> DMA TCP 443

Lync FE -> RMX TCP 443

DMA -> Lync FE TCP 443

RMX -> Lync FE TCP 443


Lync FE -> DMA UDP 3478

Lync FE -> RMX UDP 3478

DMA -> Lync FE UDP 3478

RMX -> Lync FE UDP 3478


Lync Edge -> RMX TCP 443

RMX -> Lync Edge TCP 443


Lync Edge -> RMX UDP 3478

RMX -> Lync Edge UDP 3478

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Re: Realconnect Firewall ports

Hope you could find the needed info in  DMA Operation Guide -> System Port Usage and RMX Admin's Guide -> RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) Network Port Usage.



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