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Rx-Video Synchronization Loss: 1


Rx-Video Synchronization Loss: 1

I'm experiencing issues with our RMX 1500 and an 8 participant continuous presence conference.


The participants are: 1 HDX 8000 and 7 PVX  software deployments across the province of Saskatchewan.


After ensuring all sites were receiving the acceptable bandwitdth up/down speeds from their ISP's.  Min 512Kbps up & Down., I had them attempt a test call into our RMX 1500. The client reports that they are unable to achieve all sites in a conference at once.


Conference Profile Settings:

Line Rate = 1536Kbps

People Video Definition:

Video Quality= Sharpness

Max. Resolution=SD

Video Clarity , LPR,  Auto Brightness, Same Layout, and Site Names Enabled


I've sifted through the CDR from the RMX and found the following to be alarming but require clarification on corrective action.


Of the 40 minute meeting duration, there were:


31 instances of  "Call Disconnection Cause: h323_call_closed_gatekeeper_reject_arq ".

NOTE: I requested that the participants do no exceed a dial in rate of 128Kbps. Which this is an indication of correct?


16 instances of "Call Disconnection Cause: h323_call_closed_normal" followed by "Rx-Video Synchronization Loss: 1 "


Is this is an indication that our MCU link speed  to our ISP is inadequate? Please advise.