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TCSPI - RMX2000 v8.5 and IBM Sametime v8.5.2

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TCSPI - RMX2000 v8.5 and IBM Sametime v8.5.2

I am trying to find information on TCSPI and I'm not getting anywhere by myself.


I am planning to upgrade my RMX2000 to v8.5 and would like to ensure that the link with IBM Sametime doesn't break.

I can't find any info in my environment about TCSPI - what version it is etc. I'm aware that it is installed on the IBM Sametime Media Server.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for docs and downloads please?




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Re: TCSPI - RMX2000 v8.5 and IBM Sametime v8.5.2


If you're using Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 and TCSPI ver 2.0 to talk directly to the RMX, then we're no longer testing direct integration with RMX versions.  It should work, but it's strongly recommend you move to the go-forward architecture which is: 

Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 to TCSPI ver 3.0 to DMA (and then to RMX). 

When you move to Sametime 9.0.x, Polycom supports Sametime 9 to TCSPI ver 3.2 to DMA (to RMX).


All new RMXes builds are currently only being tested with Sametime 9+


You can see what's supported in the RMX release notes, pp 6 and 9, 


and DMA release notes, pp 28 and 31 


Hope this helps. 

peter lurie
Consulting Engineer
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