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Voice Call Muting and Video Conferencing Options

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Voice Call Muting and Video Conferencing Options

Hello forum,


We had some issues where the culture of the organization in question is such that people are not used to having to manually mute their phones when they dial in for a conference.


The conference also involves video conferencing as well, so it's all thrown in there.


The video conferencing users seem happy muting their systems and unmuting, as I suppose they feel more 'exposed' to the conference and more conscious of making noise.  The telephone participants don't seem to care.


The result is being forced to mute the telephone participants from the RMX.  Which is fine - but when it comes to a open question, then it is not possible to hear any telephone participants ask a question.  


This is regulated by email but lacks the user interactivity.


A good way of managing this - I suppose - would be to have 2 RMX and cascade the telephone conference into the video conference (£££££££) - that way I could mute the single cascaded connection into the "main conference" and leave the telephone participants unmuted and monitor for questions, also I could regulate them by requesting they mute their phone without disturbing the main conference.  Or perhaps there is some way of cascading one conference onto another on the same RMX?


Maybe there are some IVR options, or a default mute state and dtmf to unmute?


I guess I was curious how other people have managed this?



Many thanks

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Re: Voice Call Muting and Video Conferencing Options

I'm using the IVR. Users who connect on the phones have the ability to mute and unmute yourself using DTMF codes. At that, their actions are accompanied by voice prompts ("your microphone is turned off", "your microphone is enabled"). These voice prompts hear only the users themselves, the conference of the voice prompts are not broadcast.

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