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Zooming opposite members when in meetingroom

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Zooming opposite members when in meetingroom



setup : RMX, 3 x HDX


I received the following question.  When all endpoints are dialed into a virtual meetingroom on the RMX, is it possible from one endpoint to remote have the camera zoom another endpoint (assuming remote zoom is allowed)?


More detailed :


endpoint A

endpoint B

endpoint C


all dialed into virtual meetingroom 805555.  User on endpoint A wants to have the camera on endpoint B pan or zoom. He/she takes the remote, and uses the far button and +/- buttons to zoom on endpoint B?


I know it works when makeing a point-to-point connection.  But in a virtual meetingroom?

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Re: Zooming opposite members when in meetingroom

I also would like an answer on this.

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Re: Zooming opposite members when in meetingroom



De jure RMX allows to take control of far cameras, for further details take a look at RMX Admin's Guide and search for 'FECC' (Far End Camera Control).


De facto I had never seen using this feature during real sessions:

- this can't be recommended for ethical reason

- this is enough complex action for the casual user


If it is necessary we usually advice  to use the end point web interface for camera control.

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