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registering CMA desktop clients

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registering CMA desktop clients



when a CMA desktop client registers to the CMA, and the authenticated user has no phone number in AD, 'some' number is popping up as E164.  I do not find any reference in AD where this is coming from.  Where does this number come from?


Secondly, this client registers, it show up in the Global Address Book on the CMA, but before it shows up in the CMA desktop clients Directory i have to manually add the client to the default address book (associate guest).  Can this be done automatically?  I have all options set in the admin 'Directory Setup' menu.  I also verified the provisioning templates.



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Re: registering CMA desktop clients

The CMA will look at the telephone number attribute in AD to assign an alias. If one is missing, it will randomly create one for you.


CMAD clients look AD for their directory. There is a setting in CMAD to only show you users who have video enabled devices. So the CMA will send you the users from the AD directory which have associate to users within the CMA application.


Some traditional endpoints like the HDX can the Global Address Book (GAB) and the LDAP directories at the same time.



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