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Distance is the enemy. We live in a world filled with distance. But it’s not just the miles that stretch between Meeting Room A and Conference Room B. We’re talking about the misunderstanding that lingers between hypothesis and proof. The time that passes between diagnosis and cure. The revisions that multiply between “easy fix” and major bug.


In every type of industry, in every type of company, distance—in all its many manifestations—is the enemy. It’s not just a foe to be reckoned with. If a business is to move forward, distance is a foe to be crushed.


Together, we help our customers (and the world) defy distance. When our customers’ work is mission critical, the communication needs to be secure, and the quality of every sound and picture matters, Polycom connects them anytime, anywhere from any device.


Visit the Defy Distance Website to see how Polycom helps your entire company defy distance.  You can also tell us your own story on how your defy distance!

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