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Connection Errors Between Base Station and KIRK 6000 Server

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Connection Errors Between Base Station and KIRK 6000 Server

Hello All - New Customer here working the KIRK 6000 solution for a customer of ours. We have the 6000 Server along with Base Station(s). I'm currently just trying to get one base station > server > handest to work.


- Both are accessible via IP on our private network

- We are using the firmware shipped to us for both devices (Server = PCS12D and Base = PCS13A)

- Server registers all necessary extensions with our SIP Registrar

- Base Station is programmed to connect to the Server (within Configuration > Base Station > Wireless Server Host)

- Base Station logs show the following errors (info) over and over:

   - Connecting to KGAP[0] host:

   - Connected to KGAP[0] host:

   - Shutdown connection to KGAP[0] host:


- Server shows the follwing errors over and over:

   - RfpNo:65535 Expected message type 0x00, got 0x1000


- I have factory reset the base station and re-programmed but no success


Any ideas as to why the base station cannot connect to the server based on the above information? Thank you!



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Re: Connection Errors Between Base Station and KIRK 6000 Server

Hello J0nnys,

welcome to the Polycom Community.


Please be aware of the following change => here <= that describes the Support structure for SpectraLink / KIRK products.

The Base Station and the Server need to run on the same Software level. You will need to download a new matching Software or they will be unable to communicate.


The best way forward would be to liaise with your SpectraLink KIRK reseller to raise a ticket with SpectraLink KIRK support to get access to the download section.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Connection Errors Between Base Station and KIRK 6000 Server

Thank you for the quick feedback. Firmware it is then. Thank you and I'll be opening a support call on Monday with Spectralink to resolve the issue. Thank you!




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