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Display upside down!

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Display upside down!

I used the latest version of the online KIRK Handset Software Updater to update a 5040 handset from 12Va, and all worked perfectly.  The logo changed from Polycom to Spectralink and the phone shows it has been updated to 13Fb.  This encouraged me to update two more 5040 handsets which were at 13Aa.  Both of these updated to 13Fb, but with the display upside down!  All of the functions of the phone seem to work properly except for the display being oriented incorrectly.


I tried to downgrade to 13Aa and this worked perfectly, except that the display remained upside down.  I tried downgrading one of the newer phones to 12Va, and again it worked except that the display remains upside down.


The originally updated phone (the older one which had been at 12Va) is oriented properly, but the two newer phones remain improperly oriented.  Obviously the phones are not really useable in this state.



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Re: Display upside down!

Hi Richs


Glad to hear your fw upgrades after your PC reboot.


Re Upside down display


I'm assuming it is not just the SPECTRALINK logo that is upside down ? but the soft keys also?


If it is just the logo then the handset management tool lets you upload logos  customised to your company also and that tool should resolve this issue however if it is the softkeys too you really need to raise this through your reseller who can escalate as appropriate.  I've personnaly not seen this issue before.



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Re: Display upside down!

Hi David,

The entire display contents are upside down; that is, it looks normal if the handset is turned 180 degrees.  See attached photo.



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Re: Display upside down!

Hello Richs,


as explained before SpectraLink KIRK no longer is part of Polycom and you should in the future raise this via you SpectraLink KIRK reseller or SpectraLink KIRK support directly.


I spoke to my former colleague at KIRK and he commented as follows:


We are often forced to change hardware parts due to end of life. As a result we have displays with different incompatible drivers.
Our SW was unfortunately not able to determine the correct driver, which has caused the display to turn upside-down.

You can select the correct display driver by entering *99955*0 HOOK or *99955*1  HOOK.

*99955*x Change display driver x:
0: ILI9163B display controller.
1: ILI9163C display controller.

 Could you check above ?


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: Display upside down!

Hello Steffen,


Here is an update on the screen behavior of the handsets - Hardware code 9A, IPEI 050030112042 and 050030116424.
I downgraded them to the earliest version I could find, which was 07Hb.  This produced a blank screen - no logo and no text.  The leftmost softkey still turned the unit on and off, so I could continue to use the simple loader.
I then moved up to 08Aa.  Same behavior as above - blank screen, leftmost soft key still acted as on/off key.
Then uploaded 08Ka.  This time I got a normal screen, rightside up.  All appeared to function just fine.
Then uploaded 08Na, 08Pa, 09Ha, 12Ba in sequence.  In all cases, I got a normal screen, rightside up.
I uploaded 12Pa, and the screen first came up inverted, but went rightside up after the BT firmware updated and I gave the unit a factory reset.
When I uploaded 12Ta, the screen came up inverted and was unchanged by the factory reset.  The same behavior was exhibited by firmware 12Va.
Using the online updater, the screen came up inverted with the latest firmware (13Fb).
I then downgraded to 12Pa and the unit came up rightside up at once.  I did this on both of the new handsets, and will use them with that firmware for the time being.
I leave for Europe for a few weeks on Monday night.  I may have some time Monday if anybody comes up with an idea.  Otherwise things will have to wait until I return in June.
Note that the other unit I had, IPEI 050030100123, and which has a hardware code of 5A, updated fine to the latest firmware (13Fb) using the web updater.
After all of this, I received your latest message.  I keyed in *99955*0 HOOK and the screen display at once displayed right side up.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this information.  I had started a trouble report to Spectralink through my reseller, and at this point I can call them off.  I'll inform them of the solution.
Thanks again, many kudos
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