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Kirk 2010 speed dial

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Kirk 2010 speed dial

1. Is there a way to add speed dial to contacts?

2. How can I forward a call while calling with someoneand if the second person isn't there how can I get back with the caller?

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Re: Kirk 2010 speed dial

Hello RWolf82,


there is a specific DECT Section that usually would handle any KIRK DECT related queries here:


Could you elaborate a bit more in Detail what Contacts you would like to add?


The KIRK 2010 Admin Guide here:

explains on Page 12 how a maximum of 40 entries can be added.


The 2nd query regarding getting back a call once you initiated a unattended transfer depends on the KIRK DECT System and the SIP/Analog PABX you are using.


Please raise a ticket with your Reseller or the KIRK Support via:


Best Regards


Steffen Baier 

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Re: Kirk 2010 speed dial

Hi rwolf82,

Just wanted to let you know I'm relocating this Kirk post to the DECT section of the community.



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Re: Kirk 2010 speed dial

The speed dial option is shown while adding a contact tot the phone book i think?


We are using a Kirk Wireless Server 6000 and the SIP provider is based on Broadsoft VOIP platform.

The client also has the problem that sometimes callers volume is very low. They can barely hear the other person.

I already added codec G729 for the system because it needs less bandwidth and that solved the problem for a couple of weeks.

But now it looks like the problem returned. A reboot of the Wireless Server 6000 could resolve this?


I also would like to know how to put a call on hold, call a colleague, get back to the first call and then put through to the colleague.


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