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Kirk 4040 Recall button

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Kirk 4040 Recall button

We have a scenario with some Kirk 4040 handsets connected to SIP - analogue adapters and pressing the Recall button does not place the call on hold as expected.  Support for the adapter devices have suggested that the Kirk handsets need to send a loop time break instead of a tone when the Recall button is pressed and that on some POTS phones you can see a switch on the phone which allows you to select the RECALL type to be either TB or TONE.  Is this possible on the Kirk 4040?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Kirk 4040 Recall button

Hi I think I'd need know what your architecture is and the devices your using to help you further.


The R button will react differently depending on the base type it is connected to.


For example when using this with a Polycom KIRK KWS500 base the effect of pressing R causes the KIRK500 to generate a short loop drop (TBR) - in the UK this would be about 100ms and on an analogue ext off a PBX this would place the call on hold on the PBX


If you use a KWS300 pressing the R key place the call on the KWS300 system and it then manages the Transfer or Hold call management via SIP interation with the call handler.


So in summary more info please....

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