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LDAP Error "Size Limit exceeded"

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LDAP Error "Size Limit exceeded"

Hi all


I have setup the Kirk Wireless Server 6000 a few Weeks ago and everything works fine. Since 2 Weeks now the following Error is seen in the Log of the Kirk Wireless Server and the LDAP Phonebook is no longer working.


"error    ldap_search_ext_s:ldap://<Servername>: Size Limit exceeded"


The Phonebook was working before without any errors.

Servername (Domaincontroller) is ok and the user which is set in the Phonebook configuration can read on this Domain Controller --> Test with ldp.exe

Even If I change the Domaincontroller there is no success to get any information back on the Device.


I have read in the documentation limitation of  40000 entries but in the Directory where I am searching are only about 2000 Objects.


Anyone has an Idea??


SW Release: PCS12BC; Build 36622



Many Thanks for any Feedback.






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Re: LDAP Error "Size Limit exceeded"

We have seen this before, as you might know our KIRK Wireless server can handle up to 40.000 entries in the LDAP internally, but if you haven’t (have not) increased you windows LDAP (user query return size) size you will have a problem if the number of returned item from the LDAP is over 1000. Microsoft LDAP have a query limit is set to 1000 objects per request.


The KWS6000 is asking for the complete LDAP and not just 1000 at one time, so you need to increase your windows LDAP size limit.

This is the error you get a error from the LDAP server that size limit is exceeded on the returned items from the server- Not the KWS6000


Link to how to increase the number is returned items:




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Polycom Employee

Re: LDAP Error "Size Limit exceeded"



A new feature has been implemented in the Q4 2012 software.

to be released in October 2012


The corporate phonebook now supports LDAP paged searches, it retrieves 500 records at a time.




Max Matthäi

Technical Product Manager

Polycom KIRK EWS

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