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Low Signal Issues w/6020

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Low Signal Issues w/6020

I am having low signal/ call drop issues at a customer on the 6020 handsets. I am using the ip6000 server with 6 ipbase stations 6 6020 and 18 4040 handsets. The problem only affects the 6020 handsets never the 4040 and it happens to people for the most part that stay at or close to their desk so not a hand off issue. Just wondering if any others have same issue with that model? I have worked with tech support and have upgraded to the PCS09 and newest handset firmware but exact same symptoms.

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Re: Low Signal Issues w/6020

Hi foneguy555


In Q1 2012 there will come a new firmware for the KIRK 60xx/70xx handset series, the firmware will have fixes for this issue, so please be patient and wait one more week, then upgrade to this release. (PCs 12xx)


You should be able to use the new Online tool this should have the newest software available.

Link here:




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