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NAT settings Issues in Polycom group 310

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NAT settings Issues in Polycom group 310


We have polycom group 310.We did NAT on F80 Barracuda (by creating a rule) as our polycom is behined the Firewall.The test call(public) is made but there is no audio or video.When external user calls,he only sees the video but is unable to hear us.Polycom NAT setting needs to be enabled for NAT Rule. We did that but the issue remains the same.We are doing these settings to allow public calls from and to polycom. 

Polycom call is connected but screen is blank,call is on-going with no audio.

Polycom NAT setting,310 Group software version info is attached as well.

The question is?

1.Is the NAT setting correct?

2.Are there any other options/features that need to be enabled within polycom(specific to 310) for NAtting?



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Re: NAT settings Issues in Polycom group 310

There is another point i.e. whenever we configure Public IP on polycom to call remote site (outside our organization) it starts getting call from its own IP.But this time we are getting polycom self calls after Natting as well?

Polycom gets random calls from its own IP when it gets visible directly to the internet or in this case after NAT as well.

Why is that behavior?

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Re: NAT settings Issues in Polycom group 310

Hi @seema_kanwal,


To keep it short, check "fixed Ports", uncheck H.460 FW Traversal, NAT Configuration = Auto (Group should display your external IP, if not choose "manual" and enter your WAN-IP). Uncheck NAT is H.323 compatible. Open TCP an UDP ports you see on this page or your screenshots, plus 1720 TCP on your Firewall (in- and outgoing) and forward them all to your GS310 (1:1 NAT). Should work...


Your second issue seem to be ghost calls. A local firewall (black - or whitelist) or a Polycom firewall traversal solution can be utilized to stop this. But there are several threads about this topic in this community. The first recommendation would be to get up to date on the software.  Your release is nearly three years old!


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Re: NAT settings Issues in Polycom group 310

Thankyou so much!This helped alot!Although for Spam Calls we only allowed specific Source Ips from firewall and now we are not receiving spam calls on polycom.

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