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Unable to ping or traceroute to a public IP

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Unable to ping or traceroute to a public IP

We have a Polycom setup - Site A and Site B. Both systems have internal static IP assigned to to them. We can call each other using these addresses.


Our 3 rd site is not on our network and we would utilize our public IP. The problem lies in that when we try to call each other using our public IP it rings but nothing ever happens. When I do a ping test to the public IP,ie Site A to Site B or even a traceroute it gets to my gateway router and it times out. Site B to Site A the traceroute completes with no issue.

Even pinging or tracerouting times out from my Polycom.


We know it works internally but using outside its acting up. Anybody ever come across an issue like this?


Also when pinging I get the message " is not H.323 enabled"

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Re: Unable to ping or traceroute to a public IP

I assume you have HDX Seires systems.  When you perform "Ping" from the system, you are not actually executing ICMP ping.  What it actually does is it checks its connectivity to port 1720/tcp on the address you specified (if H.323 is enabled on your system).  In other words, it sends TCP SYN to port 1720/tcp of the specified address.  The "ping" is considered a success if and only if it received TCP SYN, ACK as a response.


You get the result you see when "pinging" because the Google DNS server is not listening to port 1720/tcp and it wouldn't respond to TCP SYN with a TCP SYN, ACK.

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