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Need help and advice on Polycom desktop software

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Need help and advice on Polycom desktop software



We are a small firm located in the Netherlands, and we would like te be able to have video conferences with our partner firm.


Our partner firm just bought a HDX 7000 and 2 displays, we are interested in buying polycom desktop software, which we will install on a mac, which we will connect to 2 55” tv’s, a webcam, and a microphone.


I hope you will be able to answer the following questions:


1) Will we be able to communicate smoothly with the HDX 7000 with this setup? 

2) Will the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera work in both directions?

3) How will content sharing from the mac work to the HDX 7000?

4) Does the polycom desktop software support 2 displays smoothly?

5) Can we connect a polycom eagle-eye camera to a mac?


Also, what software will we need in order to achieve this? (the realpresence desktop, or CMA desktop software).


I thank you in advance for your help!

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Polycom Employee

Re: Need help and advice on Polycom desktop software

Hello Gwolb,

Polycom's RealPresence Desktop (RPD) software will work for the most part with what you are asking. It will communicate with the hdx at your partner's site providing the technical benefits such as compressed bandwidth, packet recovery, etc.

Yes, you can control (pan/tilt/zoom) the hdx's camera using RPD. Depending on the USB camera (ptz capable) and its software drivers will dictate the ability of whether other sites will be able to control this camera.
Yes, you do have the ability to push content to the hdx end as you asked.
Yes, dual monitor support is available.
As the Polycom Eagle Eye camera has a special cable connection for video signal and camera control, it is not able to connect to a pc or Mac desktop.

The current release of RPD is 3.2 and is available on our support website,

Hope this helps you.


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