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Statement of Volatility (Memory) for Polycom Products

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Statement of Volatility (Memory) for Polycom Products


Can anyone direct me to on memory access and volatility for the following Polycom products. This information will be used to develop data sanitization procedures for equipment processing sensitive information.

Equipment List:

Polycom VTC camera 1624-23412-002

PolyCom RS449 converter 2201-24984-001

PolyCom Bridge MGC-100

PolyCom Bridge MGC-50

PolyCom VTC camera MPTZ-6

PolyCom Speaker Phone Sound Station EX

PolyCom Speaker Phone VTX1000


I need the following:

Statement of Volatility (Memory)


Product Name:


Memory Type:

Memory Size:



1. Are all memory components within the hardware device volatile, meaning that any data stored on these components is lost when power to the unit is removed?



2. If non-volatile components exist, are any of them designed to be modified by the user or by the devices during normal operations?  Please briefly describe the type of data stored in these components.



3. Are any RAM components battery-backed?  If so, please briefly describe the nature of the data being retained and location of the memory.



4. How is data stored in non-volatile memory removed/sanitized?




Statement of Volatility was prepared by

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Re: Statement of Volatility (Memory) for Polycom Products

I would suggest you send this request up thru the Polycom Federal group.  Joe Petrillo, Director Federal Systems Engineering at Polycom.   He has the folks that have answered that from other "sensitive" requests...


Gary M

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