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VS4000 to DID lines

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VS4000 to DID lines

My client has a old VS4000 video conferencing system and I am hooking it up.  The problem I am having "at the moment", The client has DID phone lines.  I have the BRI brick for ISDN lines, which use to be in that office.  But now they have the DID lines and I want to use the wizard to set up the system, but don't understand what numbers to put in? Do I need the Brick?


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Re: VS4000 to DID lines

The VS4000 will support ISDN with the correct ISDN BRI module. An NT-1 device is also required to interface the 'ST' BRI module to the telco provided 'U' interface.

The lines must be setup for ISDN BRI by the telco.

The configuration information for the VS4000 needs to be provided by the telco.

Consisting of:

Protocol type

-  ISDN numbers


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Re: VS4000 to DID lines

Thanks Ken,



I now have it hooked up and it all seems to work fine.  The client would also like to use his visual concert fx to send data from his computer to the other end of a call.  Well I have a few problems that are standing in my way. First I don't have the software that came with the visual  concert Fx and I am not sure I need that though.  I have on cable that is going between the VS4000 and the Visual Concert Fx, It is the power adaptor along with the mic cable and the blue network cable.  My question is where do I hook up these cables to the back of the vs4000 and the Visual Concert Fx?  


If I connect it to the video conferencing looking symbol it turns on by showing a green play button and a red stop button.  Then it will blink with the the red stop button until I shut it off.  Please help me figure out how to make this work right.




John McLaughln


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