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C12 SoundStructure - Remote sites hear their own echo

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C12 SoundStructure - Remote sites hear their own echo

This is my first SoundStructure device and I have never used more than the mics that came with the camera.  Now I have 8 Revolab wireless mics and 2 HDX mimics all connected thru the SoundStructure and sending and receiving but our remotes sites are getting an echo of their voices sent back to the remote site from the SoundStructure.  I have the Auto Echo Cancellation turned on for each mic channel but still having trouble. 


My equip list:

Revolabs wireless mic system

SoundStructure C12

HDX9004 and Eagle Eye cameras x 2

2 HDX Mics


 Has anyone had a similar problem or know a solution?


Please ask if you need more info.  I know my way around the SoundStructure Studio software pretty well, just not the design aspects very well.





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Re: C12 SoundStructure - Remote sites hear their own echo

There are several items to look at - what is the AEC reference set to for your microphones and do you have good gain structure for receive and transmit audio, i.e., no big gains or attenuations through the matrix or input/output faders that have to be compensated for with the volume setting on an external amplifier.


Most echo problems are due to these two issues - wrong reference or severe gain structure that causes the reference to be drastically different in level from what it should be.


For microphones that are not reinforced into the room make sure you set the reference to the what's coming out of the local loudspeakers.  If you are using any of the microphones for reinforcement, then you can't use a loudspeaker signal as your reference if the microphone is routed to that loudspeaker.



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