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SoundStructure C8 & ClearOne Ceiling Mics

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SoundStructure C8 & ClearOne Ceiling Mics

Hi All,


Just want to ask if anyone abled to connect ClearOne ceiling mic (910-001-013-W - White) directly to SoundStructure C-Series without any compromised audio problem? Our client has already an installed ClearOne Ceiling Mics but planning to replace their defective audio mixer with SoundStructure.


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Re: SoundStructure C8 & ClearOne Ceiling Mics

If memory serves, I believe that those are analog mics with 3 mic elements in each.  Connect the RJ-45 to the 3-phoenix adaptors (should have been included with the mics and plug it into the SoundStructure. They should be the same as any other analog mic-- I am not aware of any issue with them. 



Do keep in mind that they have 3 mic elements in each, so they take up 3 ports on the C8, each.  So if you have more than 2 (or 3 if you only use 2 elements in the last one) you're going to need to add another/bigger SoundStructure.  OBAM makes it easy to add another C8, or just install a bigger one...  


Hope this helps



peter lurie
Consulting Engineer
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