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Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

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Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

Since we haven't yet had an RPG to play with is it reasonable to assume SS-CSeries integrate with RPG systems the same as HDXs.  Through the standard Walta Mic Port?

Any caveats we should be aware of?



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Re: Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

Hello Pete,


do you mean the new group series codecs?


If yes then the connectivity has not changed and the usual cabling is being used as far as I am aware.


The SoundStructure should be on the latest available build as well.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

Thanks Steffen.  Somehow I thought this answer would have to come from someone on the "inside". Am I the only one who finds it amusing that RPG also stands for Rocket Propelled Grenade LOL.


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Re: Sounstructure & PR Group Systems



we have an experience with RPG 500 and SST integration.

It is working well. Connection cables are the same, just strictly follow documentation.

One major drawback I found is that RPG does not support PSTN connection. So you cannot easily add an external audio participant into the call in case of need or use SST in the room for audio calls only.

SST has ability to add PSTN calls but you need too separte remote controls to handle PSTN calls on SST and Video calls on RPG.


Though it is not a problem if you have working H.323 gateway or SIP trunk which can dial to PSTN

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Re: Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

I have a setup with one Soundstructure C12, one RealPresence Group 500, two Polycom Ceiling microphones and 3 stereo program audio inputs and 3 stereo outputs. 

The two microphones is connected in series so there is only one cable in to the SS-C12 C-link ports. But I can't get the RPG500 and the microphones to work at the same time. Seems that I can not get any response from what is connected to the second C-link port. Both RPG500 and mics works fine on the first port alone so I dont think there are any cabling issues.


Does the RPG500 needs to be in series with the microphones, or are there any other tricks to get both the RPG500 and ceiling mics to work at the same time on the SS C12?


I have for a year ago done another setup with one SS C12, one HDX 7000, two Polycom Ceiling microphones and 3 analog inputs. This setup works just fine and the microphones are on the first c-link port and the codec on the second.

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Re: Sounstructure & PR Group Systems

Take a look at SoundStructure Hardware Installation Guide. Note on p. 2-9 states:


Connect any HDX microphones to the right Conference Link2 port (when facing the
rear panel).
Connect the Polycom HDX video conference system to the left Conference Link2
port (when facing the rear panel).



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