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Vortex 2280 problem detected.


Vortex 2280 problem detected.

Subject boots up with error message on LCD: "Problem detected, Error Code: 260".

What does it mean? Is this a hardware, software or config error?

When I trying to connect via RS232 device is not responding.

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Re: Vortex 2280 problem detected.

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Using the Search String of Vortex && Problem finds the following post:


Vortex: How Fatal Errors are generated and understood (11676) 


Fatal errors are generated on the Vortex when a condition occurs that prevents normal operation of the device. Fatal errors are indicated in two ways: on the front panel LCD and via the RS-232 port and EF Bus.

On the front panel, a fatal error is indicated by the following text:

Problem Detected...
Error Code: XXX

Note* The XXX’s indicate the error number.

On the RS-232 port and EF Bus, a fatal error is indicated by the following command being issued by the device:


The T will be the device type, ID will be the device ID, and XXX indicates the error number. Other non-fatal error conditions can be indicated via this mechanism as well. For example, if an invalid RS-232 command is sent, an error command of ERROR#002 will be generated, indicating a syntax error. One way to tell a fatal error from a non-fatal error is that fatal errors are all above 256, while non-fatal errors are below 256.

Non-fatal errors are described in the Vortex command set documents.

Fatal errors can be generated in two ways. First, the Vortex runs a self-test whenever it boots. If any errors are detected during the self-test, they are reported. Errors generated through this mechanism will only show up during power-up. They will not occur during normal operation (unless the power is cycled). Some of the other error messages can be generated during normal operation.


Judging by the above I believe you will need to call Polycom support.

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