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Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP


Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP




We want to convert a Viewstation H.323 into IP.  Currently, we get ringing to the other site but no video or audio; no "handshake". We believe that the Viewstation cannot communicate outside of our subnet to another subnet due to it's limitation of 10MBPS @1/2 duplex.  I can't find the setting for changing to full duplex.  The other site's router is running at 100MBPS @ full duplex on VSX5000 units.  Can the Viewstation H.323 be configured to work or do we need to upgrade the model?



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Re: Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP

Thank you for your post and question.


I'm sorry, but the ViewStation H.323 is a product that has been discontinued a while ago; support was available until 06/30/2009.


Not sure if a conversion can even be done, hopefully one of the specialists will chime in here with more background information!




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Re: Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP

A bit confused as to what you want.  View Station H.323 is an IP device and should be able to connect via IP as long as you are connected to a valid network.  Sorry if I missed something.

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Re: Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP



Thank you for chiming in.


The Viewstation H.323 is configured for IP and is on the 4th floor.  It works fine (audio/video) on a VSX5000 on the 3rd floor on the same subnet. 


However, going out of our building (and on the same subnet), it fails; all we get is ringing to the remote site before it disconnects.  Our network guys see the packets getting there but it can't seem to negotiate down to the Viewstation's 10MBPS @ 1/2 duplex to connect to the other's VSX5000 10/100 @ full duplex.


In the Viewstations Admin settings, can it be configured for full duplex?  If so, can you point me in that direction?


Another user wrote in that the Viewstation 512 can be configured for IP.  Is there a distinct change between the two models

that limits mine (Viewstation H.323)?



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Re: Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP

Konabob the old H.323 does not have an option to set to full duplex.  It is a hal duplex device.  Is the VSX wihtin building set to half duplex or auto?  Is the outside VSX set to full duplex ore auto?  If outside is set to full duplex see if can be changed to auto and try again.  What happens if the ourside VSX calls into the View Station H.323?  Just to confirm, the outside VSX is on  the same network but a differenct subnet correct? What are the software revs for the systems?



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Re: Converting a Viewstation H.323 to IP



The software rev for the VSX5000 is Rel. (09-29-2009) and for the Viewstation H.323, the rev is Rel. 7.5 (09-29-2003).


I did a test with a remote VSX5000 on the same network and same subnet with the Viewstation, but on the VSX5000, I changed the duplex to "auto", to account for 1/2 or full duplex state transmission.  The Viewstation rang the VXS5000, but it did not connect and vice-versa.  The network guy can see the packets reaching the router/switch but says that the two devices cannot "agree" on a port to transmit to when using their sniffer.  What's your take?  Can I adjust the ports on the Viewstation?



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How to update software (requested) on H.323

I know this is an old model, but just today it stopped working. A screen came up to "update software" with IP numbers, or other numbers to put into PC. Ours is on a TV, not PC. Anyway to follow through with this software update?


Thank you,




Also, not sure how to start my own question in Community so found others asking about same model and jumped in. 

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Re: How to update software (requested) on H.323

Hello Kim,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The VS H.323 IP NTSC EN shown in your picture was sold back in 26/09/2001 so it is nearly 16 years old.


If it has a network connection you will need to connect a PC to it and start the upgrade process.  


I never worked on this product as this is well before my time so maybe time to give Polycom Sales Support a call and see if you can get a new product as this is simply to old.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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