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EF2280 Microphone delay

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EF2280 Microphone delay

Hi -


Our rural county courtroom has an EF2280 and several wired mics which were set up for commissioners meetings over a decade ago. The company that installed and configured the system is no longer in business and I can't find anyone locally who has any knowledge of how to configure the system. I kinda got stuck with figuring this out... I do have the installer and reference manual.


It works fine for meetings but in a court proceeding the voice activation delay is a problem. I would like to reconfigure the system so that there isn't a delay in triggering the mics and that multiple people can speak at the same time.


I'm think I can do the configurations via the LED front panel but I don't know what to set and I'm not confident I understand the various terms in the settings. I'm thinking it might be the "gating" setting but I'm not sure, and don't know what to set it to if that's the right one. Or I might need to just put the voice activation down from 10db to 0db? 


I think the system might be set in factory defaults. Perhaps there is a preset that will do what we need.


Any help from the community is sincerely appreciated!




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