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LAN connection not working on Polycom unit

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LAN connection not working on Polycom unit

We have a very old Polycom unit, VSX H323 unit.  We used to use ISDN lines (4 of them) and then convert that signal over to an Ethernet connection to allow VC capabilities.  We no longer have ISDN lines and simply have CAT6 within our network at our work.


Id like to know if this unit can be used directly to Ethernet.  I tested it and for some reason it doesnt get a valid IP address when connected to our internal switch and setting the IP address to AUTO.  For whatever reason it doesnt get a DHCP address.  The line has been tested and confirmed to be working. 


I have tried external Internet as well and same issues.



Does this unit need another piece to get it to work off Ethernet??  Am I missing a step in the configuration?



Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Re: LAN connection not working on Polycom unit

Assuming we talk about ViewStation H323...


(i) Check LAN/Internet Calls enabled (Admin Setup -> Video Network -> Call Preference).

(ii) Try to use static address instead of DHCP.

(iii) Please keep in mind that ViewStation used 10 mbps half duplex Ethernet connection. This may not be supported by modern switches.


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