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Newbee question

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Newbee question



A real newbee question here...!  my company needs to use a video system for a set of forthcoming meetings, we are on a real tight budget and hiring for an extended period seems very expensive, i have seen a number of Polycom systems for sale which make buying our own system look quite attractive, i know it needs to link to a H323 setup and also i need it to be IP, is there anything else i need to know... ie do i need a license etc to make the system work or does it just connect to the other users system.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Newbee question

Polycom has many different options that should fit your budget,  Your best bet is to contact a local reseller so your needs can be matched to a product.  You can start by calling Polycom sales and they will be glad to assist.


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