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PIN pass through from RSS 4000 to VMC 1000


PIN pass through from RSS 4000 to VMC 1000

VMC 1000 v2.x

RSS 4000 v7.0


Issue: VMC generates it's own PIN (Private Code) for the content ingested from the RSS 4000.


I have tried matching the VRR PIN to the template program for the channel in the VMC. VMC still generates it's own Private Code.


According to the VMC v2.0 documentation, is can deal with PIN Pass through from RSS 4000.

— PIN code access - Leverages the Polycom RSS pin code mechanism for
providing access control to live and VOD content. (page 2)


The 2 devices are not integrated with LDAP.


On page 104 9b - Select the Auto-Publish PIN-protected Calls on browser checkbox if
you want the Polycom VMC 1000 to import live, PIN-protected calls
and make them immediately viewable by those with a PIN number on
the Viewer Portal.


The key words appear to be "a PIN number". There is no mention of the VRR PIN.


Any help advise (beyond get rid of the VMC) would be appreciated.


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