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ReadiManager SE200

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ReadiManager SE200



I have recently purchased a used ReadiManager SE200 from Fleabay and using the console, I've got it to a stage where I can get to the web front-end.


However, I don't know what the admin user/password is for this - I've tried admin/admin admin/password but nothing works - do any of the Polycommers have any idea how I can reset this?


Thanks all!



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Re: ReadiManager SE200

Hi Folks


Managed to solve this one about 10-15 minutes after posting this (!)  - downloaded SQL Management Studio, connected to the appliance, browser for the table USERENTITY then modified the T-SQL found here to reflect the SE200's SQL structure:


/****** Reset 'admin' user password on SE200 *****/


Update [ReadiManager].[dbo].[userentity]
Set Password='qwRGwD79BAw=' where EntityID=1;


I hope this is useful to other members of the community that experience a similar problem!

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