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Spectralink Link 3000 MCU

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Spectralink Link 3000 MCU

I have a Spectrlink Link 3000 system that can be administered through a PC connection to a modem connected via one of the on board RS232 ports of the Link 3000. The program logs in through a DOS window. Someone here shutdown the DOS CMD window on the computer with the X on the window. This seems to have locked the serial port on the Link 3000. Normal shutdown procedure is to hit ESC and the Exit to DOS. When you try to login now, the software keeps giving a message about resending a password and will finally error out and ask for a password. Is there a way to reset the com port without cycling the power on the 3000 MCU?  

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Re: Spectralink Link 3000 MCU

Hello John_D,


The Link3000 system allows connections both locally via the serial interface and via a modem connection. It is also possible to connect to multiple serial interfaces on the system. Try connecting your PC to a different serial interface on the Link3000 system and launching the CHK3000 software. Once you have connected you can go to the F10 screen and find the serial port that is locked and change it to a different role and then change it back. This should reset the interface to allow a new login to occur on that interface.

Justin Borthwick
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Re: Spectralink Link 3000 MCU



I have the same problem with the Spectralink Link 3000 MCU.  When I try to login, the software keeps giving a message about resending a password and will finally error out and ask for a password.  I tried using the second com port, and I receive the same message.  Will powering down the Link 3000 MCU clear the password message?  Will I lose any configuration settings if I power down the unit? Do you have any alternate suggestions to get around the password message?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your assistance,


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