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VS4000 Connection Problem

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VS4000 Connection Problem

I am having an issue that I need to throw out there. I am mainly connecting between 5 sites Right now I have two sites at one location, two at another and one by itself. Currently they are on their own lines.


If they disconnect between classes, many times they are unable to reconnect. It may correct itself or take a restart of the units. There is no rhyme or reason. The only sure thing is that it is happening more.


I do not use a bridge since I don't usually connect over 3 sites in one call.


Here are the errors


A signaling message cannot be delivered because the interface is not  functioning correctly and therefore the destination cannot be reached.  This condition might be temporary though of extended duration; for  instance remote equipment might be turned off.
The destination address is not serviced by the intermediate network through which the call is routed.
The destination rejects the call for an unknown reason although capable  of accepting the call.; Local user was prompted and reject the call



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