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About Media Suite RAID rebuild

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About Media Suite RAID rebuild

HI, I am certainly sure this is not the right place, but I could not find the place for Media Suite.

I assumed that here is the most viewd on this site, so I decided to submit this topic here.

Please, refer me to the right place if there were any.


I have a problem with Media Suite, which runs RAID rebuild EVERY TIME I restarted media suite.

It is not "known issue" at the moment and I am wondering If it's true that I was the only one

who realized this issue on all over the world.


Firstable, I want to ask everyone if somebody ever ralized this problem.

OR I want you to try this happens when you restarted.

If it really happens, I want you to report to Polycom and ask for the fix ASAP.


The biggest problem I found is that transcoding is very slow while RAID rebuildng (every time after you restarted the sytem).


I belive this problm might be VERY FATAL after you store many recording data or any other operation/usage which affect system's performance.

Also, it is sure to make HDD's life much shorter  without letting users know about it.


By the way, Polycom does not accept it as the bug just yet.




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Re: About Media Suite RAID rebuild

Hi Kjoo,


maybe you haven´t heard, but Polycom isn´t responsible for MdiaSuite anymore. Effective January 1 2018, support and development of Polycom’s Video Content Management (VCM) portfolio has transitioned to HARMAN Connected Services. While the Polycom VCM support pages will remain live, they will no longer be updated.

For the latest software releases and documentation, please visit HARMAN’s website.

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Re: About Media Suite RAID rebuild

Hi mschulze

Thanks for reply.

I know the scheme change you mentioned.


I am already asking the research and support for fix to HARMAN.

However, they are not the developer fo this system, and

it seems version up development schme is not quite ready yet in them.


So, first purpose of this post is to make sure if there were any other users experiencing same issue.

Since Polycom sold more of this system than HARMAN just yet.

Also, there seems to be no forum for HARMAN.

*Please, refer me if there is one.


Second purpose is to notify everyone who bought Media Suite.

The system might have potential problem, and to make every one to make sure if it really is.

And hopefully I could ever share any hint for fix with other users.





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