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BIOS upgrade of Polycom/DELL servers

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BIOS upgrade of Polycom/DELL servers


I need to upgrade BIOS and iDRAC firmware on some of my Polycom servers. Is there any possibility to damage something? I mean that sometimes new BIOS change some settings and after upgrade Windows decect new hardware, but after restart everythign work as before . As I know, most of the Polycom servers (except CMA4000) use some Linux operating system, but I don't know how this system will behave after BIOS upgrade.

Is there something that I should to know before upgdade? Of course all servers are connected to UPS.

List of my servers, that I want to upgrade:

1. Dell PowerEdge R620

- current BIOS version: 2.0.19, latest available BIOS version: 2.2.2

- current iDRAC 7 version: 1.45.45 (Build 18), latest available firmware version: 1.57.57 (Build 04)


2. Dell PowerEdge R610

- current BIOS version: 6.1.0, latest available BIOS version: 6.4.0

- current iDRAC 6 version: 1.85, latest available firmware version: 1.97 (Build 04)


3. Dell PowerEdge 1950

- current BIOS version: 2.1.1, latest available BIOS version 2.7.0




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Re: BIOS upgrade of Polycom/DELL servers

Why do you need to upgrade the BIOS and firmware? Is something not working correctly? The Polycom software is tested with the BIOS and firmware loaded on the servers at the time of purchase. There have been cases where an upgraded BIOS broke functionality.

Michael K. Bromley, CVE, CCENT, WCNA, VCA-DCV
Technical Lead
Infrastructure Technical Support Center
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