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CMA 4000 : CMA server is not ready to accept logins

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CMA 4000 : CMA server is not ready to accept logins

The physical server had all the lights lit up and blinking like an xmas tree. Attempting to login produced the error message "CMA server is not ready to accept logins...". Hard shutdown then restarted. The blue lights of normalcy appeared so I thought all would be well. A slight blink of red on the HD light occurs periodically which could just be activity indicator. After reboot still cannot login by web interface.

I remote desktoped to it and logged in to windows with the plcmadmin account. Checked event viewer and nothing new. Checked services. All running. Restarted apache per a different post reccomendation. No effect. restarted system. No changes.

All HDs appear in My computer so none have outright failed.

I can't find anything physically wrong.

I can't login to the web interface at all.

Trying to use CMA Desktop application fails to login.


I'm stuck here. This unit is way past EOL and our repair vendor charges $125 an hour. Last time, the HD died and it cost $1000 to get the unit operational again.

Does anyone know of anything to check or try that might revive this thing or troubleshoot it more? I'd like to determine what the issue is so I know whether it is hardware or software. I really don't want to go through a complete wipe and redo unless absolutely necessary and knowing if it will help. If it's a hardware issue a wipe probably will fail and we'd lose the data. But if I know its hardware I can at least tell my boss that we need to bring the vendor in to look at it and see if they can fix it. I don't want to wipe it mistakenly and find I've made it worse for the repair vendor if I have to bring them in.

All help appreciate.

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