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CMA dynamically managed endpoint Syatem nameing

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CMA dynamically managed endpoint Syatem nameing

when register endpoint with cma 6.2.5 provisioning service, the endpoint system name changed to be (LastName , FirstName, Endpoint Type)

for example the system name after automatically  provisiong the unit: LastNAmeFirstNameType

The problem if we put underscore "_" or dash in the user info it doesn't appear int the system name.

For example:

FirstName: Building_1_

LastName: Room_5_

The system name will appear: Room5Building1Groupseries


How can we display the underscore "_" we need it to appear like this Room_5_Building_1_Groupseries


Resource manager doesn't have this problem also it has a menu called system naming which enables you to customize the system name output. put not avilable on CMA


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