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CMA4000 LDAP and SSO require different servers.

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CMA4000 LDAP and SSO require different servers.

Hi this is my first post here.

We have a CMA 4000 and are upgrading our AD to 2008 R2 servers.

With the replacement of a server the SSO failed and upon investigation we noted a direct server – CMA dependency for LDAP and SSO.

In troubleshooting and reconfiguring the LDAP and SSO services we have now set the LDAP bind to Auto Discover, this works as expected.

However when we set the SSO to either Auto discover or the same server that the LDAP bind is using (we manually set it in testing) we return an error that a duplicate entry exists.

The thing is we need to make this robust and having auto discover for both entries would be preferable or simply use the same LDAP alias in DNS.

Is this a known bug in the CMA4000 with LDAP and SSO services?

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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