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CMA5.5.0 Pre-Upgrade Patch - Empty FTP Path

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CMA5.5.0 Pre-Upgrade Patch - Empty FTP Path

Hello Polycom Community,


i want to do Upgrade from CMA5.5.0.5 (5.5.0 ER19) to CMA6.0.0. The Document from Polycom that has shipped with the Upgrade DVD discribes a FTP-Link were i can Download the "5.5.0 Pre-Upgrade Patch", but the Path is Empty.


Is this a known issue? I have tried with FileZilla, Firefox and IE. The Login is OK, but no Files.

A anonymous Login on FTP shows the "pub" and "Anonymous Folder file".


In the Document from the CMA6.0.0 shipping he wrotes the Patch only applies to CMA5.5.0.1 and Are known issues if upgrading from CMA5.5.0.5?


Can anyone help me?


Best Regards

Stefan Klimek


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