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Calendaring service over RPAD

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Calendaring service over RPAD



Is calendaring service working over RPAD? I have configured Calendar connector on RPRM, on local network it works fine. But on GS Endpoint registered and provisioned via RPAD is calendaring service down. In documentation for RPAD I don' t see any description of configuration for calendaring service. Also in provisioning profile for RPAD is not Exchange server configuration option. 



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Re: Calendaring service over RPAD

Armi, I am not sure if this has been tested or not. But the provisioning profile you are using for the remote GS does have a setting where you can specify the Exchange server. You can try to edit this field with the Public IP address of the RPAD to see if the rpad will automatically forward to the RPRM server. It should since every is over 443. If this doesn't work, then you can try to create a DNS A record for this function, like which resolves to the RPAD's public IP. Then in the Access Proxy section, you will add a host name entry for and point it to the RPRM FQDN or IP. This is similar to how we setup CAX to go through the RPAD. S.
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