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Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

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Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect



I am hoping someone can help me out. We are currently looking to replace our CMA with a DMA. We can get all of our endpoints registered to the DMA and working correctly, but cannot, for what ever reason, get the Audio dial in to work.


What we are trying to accomplish is have someone dial an extension interntally, or DID externally and hit the IVR entry queue on the RMX to ask them to enter a conference ID in order to join a meeting. The VMR's are registered on the DMA so once the IVR queue picks up the conference should be created or the user is joined into an existing conference. 


We have created and verified the SIP trunk from CUCM to the DMA without any issues and can see the call flow. We have shared number dialing set up to forward the call onto the RMX IVR queue. The call flow seems to work, but when the IVR queue tries to play on the RMX, the audio call gets disconnected before the message is played and has a total call time of 0 seconds.


The DMA log shows that when a call is initiated, the DMA is the system sending the BYE message (with no error code) back to the CUCM and then the RMX acknowledges the BYE as well.


I have worked with CUCM consultants, Polycom consultants, Polycom support and third party video support and no one can seem to find the issues as to why the SIP call gets disconnected. I can get the IVR queue working using an H323 trunk from CUCM to the DMA but it doesn't make sense as to why the SIP call is being dropped.


I suspect there may be an issue on the SIP trunk from CUCM to the DMA or potentially a hardware fault on the RMX but cannot locate one or the other. As mentioned, the SIP trunk to the DMA is set up using Polycom's guide as well verified against a working configuration just to make sure nothing was missed. I did open a case with Cisco TAC and they saw the same thing the DMA log has, where the DMA is sending the BYE message and not Call Manager. 


Below are the software versions an additional information


CUCM Clusters (virtual) - 9.1(2)

Polycom DMA (virtual) - 6.4.1_P2_Build_234946

RMX 2000 (physical) -


If anyone has any thoughts on what is happening it would be appreciated.


Thank you!

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

Have you tried getting a packet capture to see the complete SIP messaging into/out of the DMA?

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

I did the packet capture from our CUCM, but yes. The full capture doesn't actually provide anything just the same BYE message that the DMA shows in its logs.

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

Maybe one of the TCP connections on the SIP trunk is timing out or being shut down and the DMA is responding to that.

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

Hello Kenny,

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

They just randomly closed the case on me with no updates. I uploaded a bunch of log files for review through another email they provided me. The technician said they had no response and closed it so I am not sure if all the log files have actually made it to the technician. Here is the support request  1-5609880162

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

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Re: Call Manager and DMA integration - Call disconnect

Just as an FYI - we managed to get it solved. The issue was that the RPRM did not have the IP phone subnets in the routes. Although the call flow goes through Call Manager, the phone subnet needs to be present for some reason. 


Thanks Everyone!

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