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DMA 7000


DMA 7000

Hi all,
I would like to ask you one question.
If I have two external GK, one is primary and another is secondary.
Is there any chance on DMA  for both external GK set up the same prefix?
For example :
primary GK  - IP address - prefix 5
secondary GK - another Ip address - the same prefix 5
How to configure this in my DMA 7000?
Could you help me with this ?
Any Idea?
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Re: DMA 7000

By my mind the next schema should work:


1. Define both (primary and secondary) GKs as External Gatekeepers without any prefixes.

2. Define a new Dial Rule with action "Resolve to external gatekeeper" and move this GKs to the "Selected gatekeepers" box

3. (Optional) Define the preliminary script for this rule to filter the dial string like the next one (based on the example from DMA Operations Guide):


// FILTER (Inverted)
// Do not match on this rule unless the dial string has prefix 5.
// 1234 --> NEXT_RULE
if (!DIAL_STRING.match(/^5/))
return NEXT_RULE;


Good luck!


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