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DMA Active Directory


DMA Active Directory


I am looking for a way to NOT have virtual rooms created using the DMA, but still keep Active Directory enabled for automatic registration. Is this possible?


I work in a restricted area, and I can't have people automatically creating their own virtual conference room (either by figuring it or fat-finger). This could cause some issues for me. But, I don't want to have to manually enter every user into the system either.



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Re: DMA Active Directory



If you don't want generate the VMRs for your Active Directory users you should leave the field Directory attribute (Admin > Integrations > Microsoft Active Director, Enterprise Conference Room ID Generation) blank.





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Re: DMA Active Directory

Thank you Bazzuck. I will give it a try!

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Re: DMA Active Directory



I got around to trying this today and I am still able to generate virtual conference rooms.I changed the DMA settings as suggested, but once I enter a number, using the prefix 88xxxx the VMR is still created. The only thing I cannot change is the maximum characters used in that field. But I set that to 1. I hit update as well. Am I missing something?


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Re: DMA Active Directory



I'm sorry, but I didn't catch what do you want to configure.


If you need to prevent an automatic VMR generation for each AD users, you should leave the field Directory attribute (Enterprise Conference Room ID Generation) blank, but after that you of course are able to create VMRs for the users manually.


Maximum characters used (Enterprise Conference Room ID Generation menu) field determines

desired length of conference room IDs. The Polycom 
DMA system strips excess characters from the 
beginning, not the end. If you specify 7, the room IDs will 
contain the last 7 valid characters from the Active 
Directory attribute being used. 

If you leave the Directory attribute field blank, you shouldn't woried about  the Maximum characters used filed value.


I suggest you update your DMA to the latest software release (6.0.3).

Your question about  the Maximum characters used filed value was solved in 6.0.2 release.


DMA-11805   6.0.2   Auto-generated conference room IDs were limited to six digits, which was too few
for some purposes. The length limit has been increased to 18.








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