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DMA Edge license

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DMA Edge license


I'm doing a new implementation for Clariti with RPRM 10.8 and DMA Edge/Core


I added DMA core on RPRM and allocated all the license the concurrent to the DMA Core and I saw in the admin guide that Edge also need to be added and to check the license check box.


now the DMA edge is showing call limit 0 . is that the normal or best practice setup?


now the I'm I try to place a call from EP registered through DMA edge to external unregsitered EP the call work fine. but If I try to dial to another EP registered through DMA edge also the call fails and shows "EXCEPTIONThe call server cannot add the call because it reached its licensed limit of %0 calls."


I'm not sure if this error related to the call limit due to license or not? if it is related to the call limit license, why the external call works?



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Re: DMA Edge license

Hi here is update and how it works.


both DMA-Core and DMA-Edge sharing the license but the best way is to divide the license between the edge and core in my case I assigned 1 license on the edge and the rest assigned to the core. now everything is working fine from inside/outside, if both EP are outside or from outside to inside.


kind regards

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Re: DMA Edge license

Hi @A



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